Hemp that's conscientiously cultivated by master growers for high-quality cannabinoid products.

All Bristol Extracts plants are grown organically, with natural nutrients and fertilizers added to the root systems through an irrigation network, which allows them to grow to their fullest potential. We are a fully sustainable facility, with water reclamation, purifying water collection systems, and geothermal technologies. It is our goal to leave as small a carbon footprint on this planet as possible.


Our Bristol Extracts farm is located on-campus in the beautiful and renowned farmlands of the Finger Lakes. Our organic farming and feeding techniques benefit both our plants and the rich soils in which they’re growing. We use only the purist fertilizers and microbes, under the watchful eye of our experienced farmers, to grow the most genetically sound plants possible. Our fields are hand-picked at harvest, where we select only the ripest plants each day. Because of this, we’re able to provide our extractors and our very own Bristol Extracts Hemp Wellness Co. with CBD of incredible quality.

The Land

Our farm consists of rich soiled farmland, free of heavy metals, chemicals, and harmful insecticides. Our locations share a climate that mixes sun and rain in near-perfect harmony. Our temperatures rarely get into the 90s throughout the summer and stay above freezing late into the fall, allowing the plants to mature over a nice long season.

Indoor Growing

Our extraction facility is also built on our 30-acre campus, which includes natural and protected wetlands in the Bristol Hills of New York. This grow facility allows us to grow our superior genetics year-round in a safe, contaminant-free environment.

Not only are our labs a research hub, but they also take care of the functional processing. We are set to harvest over 500 pounds of material every 12 days. We have crop-drying systems, freezers, stripping machines, and industrial grinders in the facility, which allow us to go from the field to the lab, under constant quality control. In turn, we’re able to extract the oils from the plants more efficiently.