Our Methodology

Everything we grow, harvest, and produce is organically grown, ecologically responsible, and genetically sound.

It’s a long journey from a simple seed to high-end, refined organic CBD products. At Bristol Extracts, every aspect of our process is mindfully considered and handled with care. We’re proud to be fully vertically integrated—from the seeds we grow to the Bristol Extracts Hemp Wellness Co. products that hit the retail shelves.


After finding huge inconsistencies in the plants on our farm (born from seeds we purchased from “reputable seed retailers”), we decided to take matters into our own hands. Our growers have worked tirelessly and with great care to introduce what we believe to be close to perfect phenotypes of each strain we breed. 

Superior Genetics

Our growers have worked diligently to breed the industry’s most superior strains, which are then grown exclusively by Bristol Extracts for use in Bristol Extracts Hemp Wellness Co. products. We have tested (and retested) the consistency of the plant size, color, and COAs for all of our varieties and guarantee the results. Each strain we work with was chosen because of its genetic ability to flourish in Western New York, which in turn provides our customers with the finest end products available on the market today.

30:1 CBD:THC

We cultivate our own, exclusive genetics, bred to thrive in the NY climate, which produce the healthiest plants imaginable. Our plants flower early, are resistant to mold, are very high in CBD, and well below .3 mg/g in THC. We don’t have 30 different varieties because we believe in quality over quantity. We focus on continually improving our top CBD strains and growing them for our products. 


At Bristol Extracts, we follow organic practices and use only the finest natural supplements to ensure strong growth and superior quality for all our crops. Our plants are lovingly cultivated, and we all share a passion for growing the highest quality industrial hemp. Our cultivars have decades of experience in the legal growing space, which allows us to constantly improve our processes and product quality. 

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Bristol Extracts has partnered with Eden Labs to bring the Coldfinger™ Ethanol Extraction system to our laboratory. Our system is capable of processing thousands of pounds of dry biomass into potent, silky, full-spectrum crude each day. 

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In addition to our extraction lab, Bristol Extracts has rooms for everything. From product development and creation to bottling, packaging, and labeling, everything is done right in house. The crude from our extraction lab is brought into our post-processing lab, where we make exceptionally pure distillate, which is then used to create our high-quality Bristol Extracts Hemp Wellness Co. product lines. We are a cGMP certified facility and our meticulous standards of operation ensure the highest quality of product available. You can rest assured that the products you want for you and your family are the products that you get from Bristol Extracts.